Q: What does an E-Maxx do?

A: The E-Maxx is a microcontroller for remote monitoring, controlling and configuration of the following devices:

“Selectronic” Inverters (SP PRO series 1 or 2)

“Capstone” gas turbines

It is not limited to the above devices, with the potential to remotely connect to other devices like generators and household appliances such as fridges, washing machines and air conditioners.


Q: How do you connect the E-Maxx to a power supply?

A: Power supply options for SP PRO inverters are via a 240VAC to 5VDC plug pack or a 12VDC to 5VDC adaptor which can be powered from the SP PRO’s 12VDC internal supply. Older SP PRO inverters without a USB port can be connected with the approved RS232 to USB adaptor from Aten, model US-232A.

Power supply for Capstone turbines is via a 24VDC marine grade cigarette lighter socket with a 24VDC USB car charger adaptor.

If you have a fault with the USB power supply, you can replace it with any brand provided that it supports the power source. Most cigarette lighter USB power supplies work with 12/24VDC, but it is wise to check.


Q: Why isn’t the E-Maxx working?

A: Internet / network connection – Ensure that the internet/network connection is working by unplugging the network cable from the E-Maxx and plugging this cable into a laptop. Ensure that the WIFI on the laptop is turned off and you can access the internet by the cable connected. The WIFI needs to be turned off so that the laptop doesn’t revert to WIFI and make you think that the ethernet cable is OK when it may not be. If there is no internet connection on your laptop this suggests that the internet is not present on the cable, you will need to fix this problem first before connecting the network cable back to the E-Maxx. This test is to confirm that the internet is accessible on the cable which you intend to use with the E-Maxx.

Internet works on my laptop, but E-Maxx doesn’t work – Check that the internet providing modem does not have customized port blocking. In schools for example, certain ports may be blocked for security reasons. The list of ports required are explained in the manual. If these listed ports are blocked, then certain functions may not work. See the network administrator for assistance to have the ports unblocked.

Cable Connection – Ensure that the right cables are all connected according to the Installation Guide and the following lights on the E-Maxx are on:

·          red light is on for power (no red light, no power, check the power supply is operating by plugging a mobile phone USB charge cable into the USB socket and see that it charges the phone, if it doesn’t charge then the power supply needs to be checked. If it does, then the problem could be the USB to E-Maxx cable. In this case use a multi-meter to check that you have 5VDC on the small E-Maxx DC connector)

·          blue light is blinking as a heart beat (the heart beat light means that the E-Maxx has booted up and is operating. If there is no heart beat light, there may be a problem with the E-Maxx)

·          orange network lights are on and flickering (this ensures that there is a network available, if there are no network lights, then the internet connection may not be present, so check the above instructions, otherwise the E-Maxx  may have a problem)

If the above connections are working but you are still unable to view information from the E-Maxx via www.myarvio.com.auor the OpenHAB app, please contact Support@arvio.com.au .


Q: What do I do if I have forgotten my password to www.myarvio.com.au ?

A: If you have forgotten your password, you can request to have it reset by following the instructions below:

·          Go to www.myarvio.com.au

·          Click on the ‘Log In’ link on the top right of the page

·          Click on the ‘Forget your password?’ link as shown below


·          Enter your email address in the box as shown below and click on the ‘Email Link’ button. An email will be sent to you with instructions on how to reset your password


Q: How do I add a user to the E-Maxx?

·          Select Settings/Site Access. Click Add User button


·          In the ‘Add user for <site name>’ pop up screen, type in the email address of the new user and select the appropriate role from the drop down box. Click on the Add User button. If further explanation is needed of the roles, click on the Explanation roles button


·          If the user does not exist, the following message will appear. Click on the Create User button. The user will receive an email with instructions and appropriate links.


·          Once the user sets the password by following the link in the email, the user can log in to www.myarvio.com.au and view the E-Maxx that they have been given access to.


Q: My system has DC solar coupling but why can’t I see this on the graph?

A: You will need to contact your installer to add a new series to the graph (available soon). In the interim, you will need to contact Support@arvio.com.au to request for admin to add the series for you.


Q: Why is data only appearing on the graph for parts of a day or not at all?

A: This can be due to various reasons: the ethernet switch may need to be earthed, there may be electrical noise inducted into the E-Maxx to inverter USB-A to USB-B cable, a faulty cable, or a faulty E-Maxx port.

You could try the following fixes: moving the signal cables away from sources of electrical noise, swapping USB cable or swapping the port used on the E-Maxx.


Q: How can I connect directly to the E-Maxx to see live data?

A: The E-Maxx runs a webserver which can be called directly if you know the IP of the E-Maxx.

The E-Maxx gets its IP address dynamically assigned from the local DHCP server which is usually the local internet modem. Each time it restarts it could get a different local IP address. This makes it hard to connect to in a local session as the address keeps changing. To solve this:

  1. Login to your internet modem with the password and username provided to you by the provider of the modem
  2. Look at the “attached devices” list
  3. Find the MAC address for the E-Maxx, check that you have found the correct address by unplugging the E-Maxx ethernet cable, refresh the internet modem screen, and re-plugging in the E-Maxx and refresh the screen and watch the attached device disappear and appear again. This way you are sure you have the correct MAC address.
  4. Reserve an IP address for this MAC address in the modem menu. Save the modem settings and exit.
  5. Then from now on, any time the E-Maxx restarts, it will always be given the same IP address from the DHCP server in the internet modem.
  6. Enter this reserved IP address in the OpenHAB app under the local address section as follows:
    1. http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080
    2. Where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx represents the IP address


From here on, when you are local to the E-Maxx, you will connect directly automatically rather than going out through the internet and back again to get data.